Fire & Rescue



Always call 911 for all Emergencies 

Mission Statement

"Skyline Fire Rescue is dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing the quality of life for our community through the provision of professional and responsive fire prevention, emergency response. Committed to the highest standards of excellence, we strive to protect life, property, and the environment with unwavering dedication, innovation, and compassion."

Our Mission:

To prevent and mitigate the impact of fires, emergencies, and disasters through proactive education, enforcement, and community partnerships.

To respond rapidly and efficiently to all emergencies, providing expert firefighting, rescue, and medical services with a focus on saving lives and preserving property.

To continuously train and equip our personnel with the latest knowledge, skills, and technologies, ensuring readiness and effectiveness in any situation.

To foster a culture of collaboration, respect, and inclusivity within our department, promoting the well-being and professional development of our members.

To engage with the community through outreach programs, public education, and transparent communication, building trust and enhancing resilience.

Our Values:

Integrity: Upholding the highest ethical standards, honesty, and accountability in all our actions.

Professionalism: Demonstrating competence, proficiency, and dedication in every aspect of our work.

Compassion: Showing empathy, sensitivity, and understanding to those we serve and to our fellow team members.

Teamwork: Fostering a collaborative and supportive environment that values the contributions of each team member.

Innovation: Embracing creativity, adaptability, and continuous improvement to meet evolving challenges.

This mission statement reflects our commitment to excellence, community service, and the well-being of all residents. We stand united in our dedication to making Skyline Fire Rescue District a safer and more resilient place to live and work."